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We are very grateful for all the support and help that all our sponsors give us. Over the years we have built very strong working relationships with them all. Due to our remote location we feel its vital to be involved with companies that recognise our challenges, and offer products and services that meet the needs of our business.

We have 5,500 acres of hill-ground at Armadale Farm on which our 850 ewes and followers can roam. As such, we need a reliable form of transport that can cover significant distances safely on rough and varied terrain - from rocky steep ground, to wet boggy ground - and in a way that has the least impact on the environment. We use them to put out feed, gather our flock, and generally look after our animals out on the hill. They also need to be able to carry feed, equipment, dogs and tow trailers. Decades ago, before quads were invented, people used to do this on foot, horseback, or when we were young on scrambler motorbikes, but technology has moved on and now most farms like ours use quads. We have used Suzuki Quads for 16 years and highly recommend them. In our experience their quads are safe, reliable, and cope well with the tough terrain and environment in which we use them. We are very grateful to Suzuki for their support and for the excellent standard of service over the years..

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We have used Harbro feed, supplied through W&A Geddes Ltd, since many years. We have never been disappointed with the standard of the feed we have received, with prompt delivery and great customer service. We would like to thank them for their continued support of our business. Below is a list of their products which we use.

Clover Premium Ewe Rolls

High quality compound providing the ewe with a consistent and highly palatable feed in virtually all lambing situations. Contains omega 3 fish oils to help support fertility and embryo development combined with high quality protein, vitamin E and Sel-Plex for health and immunity.

Clover Pedigree Kelso Tup & Lamb

A highly digestible, rumen friendly feed formulated to promote rumen health and optimise growth and fertility in pedigree tups and lambs. Contains Yea-Sacc, omega 3 fish oils, zinc, biotin, Sel-Plex and Evo to help support rumen function, fertility, immunity, hoof health and general vitality and bloom.

Tore Grampian 18 RF Nuts

A versatile feed that is suitable for all classes and ages of livestock. Provides an excellent source of digestible fibre which stimulates rumen function and creates a stable rumen pH. With a balanced supply of high quality rumen degradable and by-pass protein sources which complements forage protein for milk production, maximise colostrum quality and feed efficiency. Supplemented with vitamin E and minerals to help aid health, immunity and vitality. 

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Our pure-bred North Country Cheviot sheep are one of the hardiest breeds in Britain, and they have to be to cope with what the wild weather can throw at them up here. However, just like us they benefit from some vitamins, minerals and energy to help keep them healthy and well and in the best of conditions. We use Crystalyx blocks in order to provide them with that extra boost during the harshest months out on the hill. They come in the form of a tub with a solid energy block in them which the sheep ‘lick’ in order to get their vitamins, minerals and nutritional benefits. These are placed carefully out in the hill, in key locations, so that they can access them if needed. We have used Crystalyx for over 30 years and our experience is that they’re the best fit for our sheep on the hill-ground here at Armadale. We see the benefits in putting these licks out on the hill when we see strong healthy lambs being born in the spring and very low barren rates amongst the ewes. We are very grateful to Crystalyx for their support and the excellent standard of service we have received over the years.

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W&A Geddes Ltd have consistently delivered an excellent service  to Armadale Farm over many years of our business relationship. A lot of what we have achieved would not have been possible without the support and attention to detail that Ewan Mackenzie and his team provide. Everyone at Armadale would like to thank W&A Geddes Ltd for their continuing support. Without such strong backup, hill farms, in remote outlying areas such as ours would not be able to continue. It is an absolute pleasure to do business with such a professionally run, locally based firm. Below is a brief outline of their business.

W&A Geddes are a privately owned agricultural merchants and machinery dealers with depots in Wick , Thurso and Brora. Geddes aim to be a one stop shop for all farmers and crofters in the North and are very privileged to be major suppliers to Armadale Farm. W&A Geddes are Harbro's agents in our trading area offering their full range of feeds and minerals as well as a large stock of animal health products, we are also Crystalyx main agents for Caithness and Sutherland. We are main dealers for Suzuki ATV , CaseiH , Amazone,Manitou and Claas as well as supplying HF and Barenbrug grass seed. We also stock a large selection of horse and equine products and a comprehensive range of pet foods,

W&A Geddes have always placed quality and good service as its main priorities when dealing with its customers.

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