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Keep up with what we are doing and what's happening in the industry with our regular updates on both the website and our social media accounts.

Tups Out
Monday 25th November 2019
The start of the sheep calendar has began again and we're looking forward to a new year. As we move into late November the tups are out. The ewes are in good condition and it's looking promising.
Belgium - Ghent University
Thursday 14th November 2019
Privileged to visit Ghent Lambing and Husbandry Project vet students and speak about what they may experience when they come on lambing placements in the UK. Passionate students and keen to learn.
Backend Gathers
Monday 4th November 2019
The past couple of weeks have been spent gathering the ewes in off the hill. They've all had trace element bolus, as well as a fluke and worm drench, and are now being flushed on better grass.
Dingwall Tup Sale
Monday 4th November 2019
A strong trade for our last group of tups which were sold in Dingwall and Highland Marts at the end of October, selling to a top of £1300 and averaged £1100 / head.
Red Deer Rut
Monday 7th October 2019
The red deer stags have certainly being making a big noise the past couple of weeks. The annual rut is well underway and the hills are alive with the sounds of their roars.
Autumn Sales
Monday 7th October 2019
This year's backend sales have surprised many and sheep sales have held up better than expected. Our wether lambs sold to £67/head, cast ewes £148/head and our tups topped £2000.
Congratulations Mure, Reba and Cashlie
Friday 2nd August 2019
Well done Mure and Reba on winning the Forss Open Dog Trial and securing Reba's National points. This comes off a 4th place at Aboyne with Cashlie, also securing her National points from field of 58.
Bumper Silage Crop
Friday 2nd August 2019
The excellent growing season has helped us secure a record crop of winter silage feed. What a difference from last year's drought conditions, with an extra 200 bales made from the same area cropped.
Clipping Gather
Friday 5th July 2019
Despite the unsettled weather this week we managed to finish our gathering and have all the clipping finished for the year. Great feeling to have it completed and good for the ewes.
Aberdeen Angus Calves
Wednesday 19th June 2019
This year's crop of calves are by a new Aberdeen Angus bull from Messrs Munro, Balaldie, Fearn. They've calved themselves, quick to suck with excellent weight gains. Just what's needed in our system.
Lambs Thriving
Wednesday 19th June 2019
This years lambs have had a great start with lots of grass growth. They've all received their first vaccinations, mineral drench and a walk, or in this chap's case, a quick dash through the footbath.
Essential Tools
Wednesday 19th June 2019
We're delighted to continue our work alongside Suzuki being brand ambassadors. The new range of quads are absolutely amazing and are essential bits of kits on our hill farm.
Welcome Help
Wednesday 8th May 2019
Anke and Ann, vet students from Ghent University helping us out with lambing alongside local contractor David. Its been a busy couple of weeks but lambing has gone great so far.
Lambing 2019
Sunday 14th April 2019
The ladies have kicked off this years lambing season with some nice new arrivals on the ground this morning on our first round checks.
Sunday 14th April 2019
Meet our latest team member Ruby. She's a NZ Huntaway pup that's keeping us all busy. Looking forward to seeing her grow up and learn her trade working sheep.
Extra Feed
Sunday 10th March 2019
Ewes scanned carrying twins and triplets are receiving Harbro ewe rolls 18% protein in the last six weeks before they are due to lamb. The growing lambs put extra demands on the ewe's resources.
BBC Visit
Monday 11th February 2019
Spent a great day with James Cook and his team from The Nine for the new BBC Scotland channel. The effects of of a no deal Brexit on hill farms like ours was the main discussion.
Sun, Sea, Sand and Snow
Wednesday 30th January 2019
Armadale Bay. Stunning weather as the north is dusted in a covering of snow.
Gathered In
Wednesday 30th January 2019
A break in the weather allowed us to gather in the ewes for a fluke dose. They are in good condition and are benefiting from an open winter so far.
Meals On Wheels
Sunday 13th January 2019
The weathers been pretty open so far this winter but as the grass and rough grazing is eaten up the ewes are using Crystalyx High Energy to make up the deficit
Happy New Year
Sunday 13th January 2019
Happy New Year from all the team. Lots of challenges ahead but hopefully lots of great opportunities as well.
Festive Spirit
Thursday 27th December 2018
Jocks getting into the festive spirit and has even put fairy lights on his Suzuki quad. Happy Christmas!
BBC Landward
Monday 26th November 2018
It was great to catch up with the team from Landward when they came to the farm for a days filming as we put the tups out to the ewes. Here they are finishing off their day - Fiona, David and Arlene.
Monday 26th November 2018
The tups are out with the ewes and so it all begins again. This is a new tup bought from Badanloch Estate in Lairg this October. The weather has been much kinder this backend and the ewes are fit.
Backend Gathers
Monday 5th November 2018
It's been a busy spell gathering the ewes in off the hill grazings in preparation for tupping. The reliable Suzuki Quads and our hardworking team of dogs proving invaluable as always.
Sale Time
Tuesday 2nd October 2018
Our annual consignment of five year old cast ewes all ready for sale in Lairg at the beginning of October.
Holiday Lets
Saturday 8th September 2018
Our croft house at Fleuchary is now available for let!
Orkney Visitors
Saturday 8th September 2018
Following our visit to the Orkney Agriculture Discussion Group last year they kindly visited Armadale as part of their recent summer trip.
First Lamb Sale Lairg
Friday 17th August 2018
Despite the recent gloom surrounding the store lamb trade the Armadale lambs sold well at the first sale in Lairg. Ewe lambs to a top of £138, wethers to £67 to average £80.71, up £3.95 on the year.
Silage Secured
Monday 30th July 2018
Winter feed supplies are not as short as we earlier feared. The recent rain over the past two weeks and the 18 extra acres of grass shut off has helped make up the deficit.
Ian Judging - Caithness Show 2018
Sunday 22nd July 2018
Ian having a busy day judging the North Country Cheviot Park Sheep at the Caithness Show. His champion was a two crop ewe from Andrew Polson's Smerlie flock.
Farm Visitors
Wednesday 11th July 2018
It was a great pleasure to give a small farm tour to a group of Halkirk Young Farmers and exchange young farmers and students from USA, Switzerland and Norway.
Wednesday 11th July 2018
A busy few days gathering so the lambs could receive their second vaccinations, mineral drench and a run through the foot bath. All back onto their hill grazings ready for sales in mid August.
Wednesday 11th July 2018
The recent heatwave and the lack of any significant rainfall over the last six weeks has left our silage fields burnt with very little crop.Lack of fodder going into the winter is causing real concern
Make Hay While The Sun Shines
Wednesday 4th July 2018
Cormacks in with a load of hay from the Black Isle. Top quality fodder secured for the winter. Our own hay and silage fields are pretty light this season and are suffering from the lack of rain.
Wednesday 4th July 2018
Clipping done and all the wool away down to the Wool Growers in Evanston. The ewes will be relieved to have their fleeces off after the spell of hot weather.
Badanloch Sheep Dog Trial
Thursday 14th June 2018
Competitors, their dogs and the judge Michael Shearer, Lythmore at the Badanloch Invitational Sheep Dog Trial. Neil Sutherland, Strathnaver and Hill were the eventual winner on 81 points.
Lamb Marking
Friday 18th May 2018
Lamb marking is a great chance to take a closer look at this years crop of lambs. The shed tups purchased last backend have done extremely well and have certainly left their stamp on the flock.
Long Winter
Friday 18th May 2018
Finally after a very long winter the cattle which have calved have been turned onto grass parks. A welcome sight for us all.
BBC Landward
Monday 7th May 2018
The team from BBC Landward have been filming with us over the past couple of weeks for a lambing special which is due to be aired on the 14th of May. Pictured is Dougie Vipond, Fiona and David.
Monday 7th May 2018
Our lambing is in full swing and we have been blessed with brilliant weather which is making the job much easier. Pictured is a gimmer with cracking pair of twins sired by Brackside Special Blend.
Hoodies And Hats
Wednesday 18th April 2018
A massive thanks to the Mary and Karen at John Kemp Embroidery in Orkney, who have made a brilliant job once again of branding our logo onto a range of hoodies and hats for the team. Great finish.
Gathered In For Lambing
Wednesday 18th April 2018
Lambing has just started. These are the first group of ewes scanned for singles coming down from the hill onto our better inbye ground to lamb down. One of the most rewarding times of the year.
Challenging Spring
Sunday 8th April 2018
After a really tough few months of weather we have finally managed to get fertiliser onto our grazing fields. This will hopefully boost grass growth as lambing and calving fast approaches.
Forss Sheep Dog Trial
Monday 19th March 2018
There was a good turnout of 43 dogs and handlers at the inaugural Forss Open Sheep Dog Trial. The ewe hoggs proved challenging to pen but Mosse Magunson had their measure and was the eventual winner.
The Beast From The East
Monday 19th March 2018
The past few weeks have proved very challenging due to the amount of snow that has fallen accompanied by a bitting Easterly wind. Hopefully Spring is around the corner as we fast approach lambing.
Meals On Wheels
Monday 19th March 2018
Crystalyx blocks are a very important part of our winter feed rationing. They are great way of maintaining a good energy source in poor weather and at a time of the year when grass is limited.
Gearing Up For Spring
Sunday 4th February 2018
Suzuki quads away to be serviced with local firm W & A Geddes in Wick.
Sheep Panel SAYFC
Sunday 4th February 2018
Looking forward to sitting alongside NSA Scotland's Chair John Fyall and John Scott from Fearn Farm on the Scottish Association of Young Farmers organised Sheep Panel event in Nairn.
Sunday 4th February 2018
With the tups being away from the ewes for over a month its perfect timing for them to be gathered and given a fluke drench. Especially in light of the wet backend and winter we have experienced.
Deer Fence
Sunday 14th January 2018
Gary Elder Ground Works team are nearing completion of over 5000m of deer fencing around our inbye land. Already we are seeing improved grass growth with the exclusion of marauding deer.
Happy Christmas from #TeamArmadale
Sunday 24th December 2017
#TeamArmadale would like to wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018. We've not sent cards this year but have donated money to charity - Diabetes UK and Highland Hospice.
Walking The Line To Wintering
Friday 15th December 2017
Cows heading off to their wintering. Their May and June born calves sold well last week in ANM Group Thaintones. Top stots £850/head to av 330kg @ £2.31/kg Top heifers £735/head to av 300kg @ £2.11/kg
Wet Weather
Thursday 14th December 2017
We have suffered a very prolonged period of wet weather which has not been easy on the livestock or the shepherds. The tups are still busy at work in one of the wettest tupping in recent memory.
Lairg Hill North Country Cheviot Show
Thursday 14th December 2017
There was an outstanding show of sheep in front of me at Lairg Mart at the start of November. Badanloch Estate went champion with a ewe and North Loch Naver were reserve with a tup lamb.
Tups Out
Thursday 14th December 2017
Badanloch Beast a shed tup which we bought in Lairg this October heading out to work with the ladies on the traditional date of the 22nd of November. The circle of life continues.
Dingwall Tup Sale
Tuesday 14th November 2017
Our finally breeding sale for the season went well at the end of October in Dingwall and Highland Marts. Armadale's pen of seven two shear tups sold to a top of £1800 and averaged £1185/head.
NSA Scotland's Michael Shearer Training Clinic
Sunday 22nd October 2017
Everyone who attended the recent dog training clinic with Michael Shearer at Armadale received great advice and tips from the 2014 World Champion. A throughly worthwhile day for dogs and handlers.
Cast Ewes
Monday 9th October 2017
Delighted and relieved that despite our cast ewes being sold very late in the day at Lairg on the 3rd of October they went onto realise £135/head selling to repeat buyers Dunbeath Estates.
Sale Topper
Monday 9th October 2017
Top priced tup at £4500 from our pen at Lairg on the 3rd of October. A two shear homebred sheep by Braehillor Strom. Good luck to the purchasers Dunbeath Estates. Our 16 tups averaged £1421/head.
Second Lamb Sale Lairg
Friday 22nd September 2017
Delighted with the trade for our second batch of store lambs to be sold this season. Top of £98 for a pen of ewe lambs to average £71.41. Ewe lamb replacements off to their wintering on the same lorry
Brora Open Dog Trial Winners
Sunday 27th August 2017
Congratulations to Mure and Fred on winning their first Open Dog Trial at Brora on the 26th of August. They are pictured here with the silverware they picked up on the Northern Circuit recently.
Good Start To The Sale Season
Sunday 27th August 2017
An excellent start to our sale season with the first batch of lambs averaging £76.76 at Lairg in mid August. Wethers to £67/head and ewe to £160/head for a pen of twenty. Full video in galleries.
Sunday 27th August 2017
Meet Tom, Kim and Kate our new arrivals. Proud parents Nan and Jock. Kim is staying with us at Armadale, with Tom and Kate heading off to local working homes at eight weeks of age.
Ready For Lairg Lamb Sales
Monday 14th August 2017
Our lambs are sorted and the paperwork is done in preparation for the First Great Annual Sale of North Country Cheviot Wether and Ewe Lambs, in Lairg tomorrow, the 15th of August.
August Lamb Sales
Wednesday 9th August 2017
We are ready to start gathering ewes and lambs in from the hill in preparation for our first lamb sale on the 15th of August at Lairg. There is a catalogue entry of over 18,500 lambs advertised.
NSA Scotland Award
Sunday 16th July 2017
All of Team Armadale were blown away to receive the NSA Silver Salver For Services To The Scottish Sheep Industry.
Bull Out
Sunday 16th July 2017
Angus is back in Armadale for his 'holidays'. As ever he is proving a big hit with the ladies.
Shearing Completed
Sunday 16th July 2017
All the sheep were clipped by the start of July and the wool off to the BWMB in Evanton. We delayed the milk clipping of the ewes for a few days due a cold wet spell of weather at the end of June.
Saturday 17th June 2017
It has been a busy but good week gathering ewes and lambs into the fanks. The lambs all received their first vaccinations and a run through the foot bath before returning to their hill grazings.
BBC Landward
Thursday 15th June 2017
I had a great couple of days away filming recently with the Landward team. We followed Scott Brown's Suffolk ram lambs going through a CT scanner. Aired Friday the 16th Jube at 7.30pm BBC One Scotland
NSA Scotland Award
Thursday 15th June 2017
Team Armadale are delighted at receiving the NSA Scotland Silver Salver in recognition of outstanding contribution to the sheep industry at the recent Highland Sheep event. Thanks to everyone involved
British Wool Board Shearing Course
Thursday 15th June 2017
We were delighted to host a recent British Wool Board shearing course for beginners. Thanks to everyone who took part and made a great job of shearing our ewe hoggs.
Sunny Days
Sunday 30th April 2017
Our lambing had a very cold start with snow lying on the ground and accompanied by gale force winds. Just in time the sun and warmer weather has made a very welcome reappearance.
New Arrivals
Friday 14th April 2017
The first of this years lambs has started to appear. This is a set of twins which are just a couple of hours old.
CSJ Caithness Stockist
Sunday 2nd April 2017
Meg's delighted take delivery of our first bags of CSJ dog food from from Daniel Macleod the new CSJ Caithness stockist. A wide range of premium quality dog food suited to all the needs of our team.
Lambing Preparations
Sunday 2nd April 2017
Lambing preparations are well underway. The last of the sheds have been cleaned out and powered washed ready for the individual pens to be put up ready for our lambing to begin.
Ewe Hoggs Return Home
Thursday 23rd March 2017
Our replacement ewe hoggs made their return journey to Armadale from their winter grazing in Ross-Shire. They are well grown and have enjoyed a very mild winter on kinder land than we have at home..
Return Visit From BBC Landward
Wednesday 22nd March 2017
We were delighted to welcome back the team from BBC Landward. They spent the day filming as we gathered in ewes to give them their annual vaccinations. The program is to be aired on the 14th of April.
Armadale Farm Ties
Monday 20th March 2017
John Kemp of Orkney made a great job of embroidering the head profile of an Armadale tup along with our flock prefix onto wool rich ties. Delighted with the result and our own personalised finish.
FaceBook Plea To Tesco
Monday 20th March 2017
After finding mainly imported lamb on the shelves of the Tesco Store in Thurso recently I made a plea to the supermarket to support home produce lamb. This led to massive response from the public.
Dairymac Ltd Lamb Resuscitator
Monday 6th March 2017
On the recommendation of a farming friend we have just bought two lamb resuscitators in preparation for lambing 2017. Supplied through Dairymac Ltd they will be a valuable add in saving lambs lives.
Stirling Bull Sales
Wednesday 22nd February 2017
A great trip down to the Stirling bull sales to see some of the country's best pedigree beef cattle going under the hammer.
Succesful Scan
Sunday 19th February 2017
Successful scanning results. Ewe portion of the flock at 156%. Our gimmers at 123% , we aim to be around this mark with them as they are still maturing. Overall 146% mirroring our 2016 scan exactly.
Clynelish Monitor Farm
Thursday 9th February 2017
Jason and Victoria Ballantyne along with their facilitators who hosted an excellent opening meeting of Sutherland's monitor farm. L to R Cat MacGregor, Jason, Willie Budge, Victoria and Douglas Bell.
The dog days
Wednesday 8th February 2017
Everybody needs a rest once in a while, and what better place to wind down than Armadale Bay?
Murkle WRI Lambassadors
Saturday 21st January 2017
I was delighted to have been asked along to speak to the Murkle WRI ladies about life on a hill farm in Sutherland. A massive thanks to Quality Meat Scotland for the Scotch Lamb aprons and recipes.
Crystalyx, NSA Scotland Roadshow
Wednesday 18th January 2017
A very well attended and informative meeting chaired by Ewan Mackenzie of W&A Geddes Ltd along with speakers Euan Hart of Caltech Crstalyx, Ian MacDonald of QMS and George Milne of NSA Scotland.
Opportunities for Scottish Lamb
Friday 6th January 2017
Crystalyx and NSA Scotland are holding an 'Opportunities for Scottish Lamb' meeting in conjunction with W&A Geddes Ltd on 17th January in the Weigh Inn, Thurso. Confirm your place on 01955 602207
Thainstone Specialist Auctions Deliver Truck
Monday 26th December 2016
New farm truck supplied by Thainstone Specialist Auctions through the members benefit scheme overseen by John Roy. Sad but true myself and Jude just love the colour.
What Are EWE Doing?
Wednesday 21st December 2016
Looking forward to an interesting day out on the 12th of January at Taldale.
Scotch Lamb Christmas Jumper
Saturday 17th December 2016
Tib and Sky checking out the Scotch Lamb on Billy's charity Christmas jumper launched by QMS. £10 to purchase from their site with all the money raised going to the STV Children's Appeal.
Sunday 11th December 2016
Ewes heading home towards the fanks for the tups to receive a change of raddle colour.
Cattle Health Check
Sunday 11th December 2016
Cattle all received a full health check and trace elements bolus in preparation for the winter.
Savour St Andrews Celebration
Saturday 3rd December 2016
It was a great honour to have been asked to speak at the Savour St Andrews Celebration dinner as the main course of Scotch Lamb PGI was served. Each guest picked up a QMS bag at the end of the night.
Spring Born Calves Sold
Saturday 3rd December 2016
Our Spring born calves sold well in Thainstone.
Braeval Trophy
Saturday 26th November 2016
Charles and Isobel Angus, Oldfield, Thurso are this years winners of the Braeval Trophy. Charles is pictured with the cup.
Preparing For Winter
Thursday 24th November 2016
Gus Forbes in clearing hard standing feeding areas in hill reseed and repairing hill tracks in preparation for winter. Good to get these jobs attended to before the weather breaks.
Agriscot Product Innovation Award 2016
Thursday 17th November 2016
The Scottish Farmer sponsored award was won by the Trusti Tuber from Dairy Spares Ltd. Stress free calf tube feeding system. An honour to have been asked to judge along with Adam and Alisdair
Hill farmer Joyce Campbell - BBC iPlayer
Thursday 17th November 2016
The BBC's Bryan Burnett travels to Armadale in Sutherland to meet hill farmer, Joyce Campbell.
Agriscot Scottish Sheep Farm Of The Year 2016
Wednesday 16th November 2016
Congratulations to Graham and Kathleen Lofthouse of Bankhouse Farm on winning this years Agriscot Scottish Sheep Farm Of The Year sponsored by Thorntons Law. Very well deserved winners.
Landrover Sold At Thainstone Machinery Sale
Sunday 13th November 2016
Many thanks to John Roy and his team for their professional service with the sale of our Landrover at Thainstone on Saturday the 12th of November.
The Lairg Hill North Country Cheviot Sheep Show
Monday 7th November 2016
Prize winners, organisers and the judge pictured at the end of a very busy but great show held in the mart at Lairg. Courtesy of United Auctions.
Gimmers sorted for the tup.
Friday 4th November 2016
Gimmers heading away to better grass after receiving their fluke and worm drench, and Cosecure boluses.
A day at the Dingwall mart
Friday 28th October 2016
A tremendous effort by Iain and Paul along with all the staff at the Dingwall and Highland Marts.
Clynelish Farm Away Day
Thursday 27th October 2016
Informative talks from Euan Hart of Crystalyx, Johnny Watson of Watsons Seeds and Kirsten Williams of SRUC.
£5000 tup
Thursday 27th October 2016
Meet our £5000 tup sold at United Auctions in Lairg, October 2016.
Dingwall Tups
Thursday 27th October 2016
Numbered and ready for the sale on Friday 28th October. Lots 102 to 112.
BBC Landward
Thursday 27th October 2016
BBC Landward paid us a return visit to document the sale of our livestock at the United Auctions in Lairg, October 2016.
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