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FaceBook Plea To Tesco

20 March 2017

In light of the current depressed Scottish fat lamb trade, which is on average £7.50 a head less than the same time last year, I was disappointed recently to find the majority of the lamb on the shelves of my local Tesco's Store in Thurso was imported. I spoke to the lady in charge of the shop and she totally understood my disappointment. Unfortunately the the Tesco Store manager informed me they have no say in the lines that are sent out to them. 

This forced me to make the only choice I felt was correct and I went to our local Lidl Store where they only have Scotch Lamb PGI on the shelves of their chill sections. In fact all their red meat, pork and chicken in their fridges were sourced from Scotland.

I hope in the future Tesco can have clear labelling on the country of origin on the meat they sell so that the consumers can make informed choices. 

I totally understand that the UK is not self sufficient in lamb and imports are required to cover the shortfall. It is still difficult to understand when  you read the prime lamb reports, that there seems to be great difficulty in finding markets for our homegrown lamb. Especially in light of the weakness of the pound which makes imports less competitive. 

Thanks to everyone on social media who took the time to like, share and comment. It is very constructive to have open conversations on our red meat industry and its good for sheep farmers like myself to fully understand what the consumer wants.

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