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Farm news

Keep up with what we are doing and what's happening in the industry with our regular updates on both the website and our social media accounts.

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Cow news!
2 months agoFirst crop of calves of our new Aberdeen Angus bull sold last week in ANM Thainstone. Born late April to mid June, stots weighed 323kg and averaged £2.22/kg, heifers weighed 312kg and averaged £2/kg.
Tups Out
2 months agoThe start of the sheep calendar has began again and we're looking forward to a new year. As we move into late November the tups are out. The ewes are in good condition and it's looking promising.
Belgium - Ghent University
3 months agoPrivileged to visit Ghent Lambing and Husbandry Project vet students and speak about what they may experience when they come on lambing placements in the UK. Passionate students and keen to learn.
Backend Gathers
3 months agoThe past couple of weeks have been spent gathering the ewes in off the hill. They've all had trace element bolus, as well as a fluke and worm drench, and are now being flushed on better grass.
Dingwall Tup Sale
3 months agoA strong trade for our last group of tups which were sold in Dingwall and Highland Marts at the end of October, selling to a top of £1300 and averaged £1100 / head.
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